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2013 LA Music Critic Award Winner for Best Male EP: http://www.examiner.com/article/2013-la-music-critic-award-winners

“Lee plays riffs on the electric guitar with his bare hands, no pick, and he moves like a clock spring that’s frantically uncoiling. He jumps, kicks, slings the guitar around his back, tap-dances, does the splits and moonwalks, all while playing the guitar and not missing a note.”

— Gabe Meline, North Bay Bohemian

“Jakey Lee’s voice was infectious and his attitude was brimming with enthusiasm and charming energy that riled the audience and inspired movement…The music was fast-paced and playful, creating the perfect environment for toe-tapping and jumping along to the beat. Each song was as thrilling as the next, keeping spirits high and constantly surpassing the level of excitement and entertainment one would normally be used to.”

— Stephanie Dotto, Performer’s Magazine

“Jakey Lee has the chops to deliver quality vocals with an intensity that grabs the listener. Edgy and young, Lee has cross-over appeal in pop, alternative and rock.”

— Kellie Fuller, 99.3 The Vine

“They’re good, man,” Manzarek attests [of Jakey Lee and his band] “…the band was truly good. I fully expect them to be the next Green Day. They’re so full of energy, with good song construction, and, technically, they do what they have to do. I think they’re sensational.”

— Ray Manzarek (keyboardist, The Doors), as interviewed by North Bay Bohemian

“[Lee] is a brilliant musician…he plays lead [guitar] and bass simultaneously. Not only does [Lee] have a unique and virtuosic style, he also manages to jump, thrash and otherwise rock out quite a bit.”

— J. Simms, Willamette Week